When you’re first starting out you may not want to look like you started your business yesterday. Here are five ways you can make your business look bigger than it is.

Website: Cannot stress the importance of this. These days you need to have a decent site or, you will seem like some fly by night business. (Don’t you look for a website when you’re about to hire someone?). I highly suggest hiring a designer or someone that can help create your image online. Sure you could do it yourself, but by hiring a professional, they can build the website the proper way and help you drive more business to your site organically and with lead generation.

E-mail: Please please please get a real e-mail address for your business. Stop using a @gmail, @yahoo, @cox.net, @comcast or whatever you’re using for your work e-mail. You can buy a domain from Google for 12 dollars a per year and add e-mail hosting though G Suite for five bucks per inbox. (You can have alias for free such as sales, info, etc.)

Virtual Phone System: There are several providers out that provide VOIP phone service, but I have found VOIPO.com has the best pricing. You can get a standard phone service for 18.95 a month (cheaper if you pay for two years up front) but for 20 dollars more you can get a full-blown PBX system with unlimited extensions. Most providers charge you around 30 dollars per extension, but with VOIPo it’s unlimited. With the PBX you can set up an IVR (Interactive voice response) which will prompt press 1 for sales, 2 for support, etc. You can pay someone on Fiverr 5 – 10 dollars to do the voice recordings for you.  I have personally been using VOIPo PBX for about 2-3 years. For about 1-2 years before I got the PBX I was using their basic phone service. Along with a phone system, you can get an 800 number for about 5 dollars a month.

Business Entity: Spend the money and get an LLC or S-Corp business entity. Having business entity such as LLC, Inc, Corp, etc after your name can make you look larger. You can set them up yourself or hire a lawyer. You may also try services such as Legal Zoom or Legal Shield. To set up one yourself Google your state corporation commission by typing in state corporation commission in Google.  As long as you have Google location turned on via your browser, it should show your local state commission website. If not type in state corporation commission (with your state name).

Mailbox: Since you are most likely starting out our your house getting a PMB or personal mailbox from the local UPS store can help you look bigger. With a PMB mailbox, you’ll have a business address with a suite number. It shows you are more professional than using your house or using a PBX. Plus, who want’s clients knocking at their front door without an appointment?

If you have any other ideas or recommendations for making your business look better to write them below in the comments.